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5 Reasons You Need Our Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

1: You are probably going to make a pretty significant investment. Our pre-purchase inspection can identify any and all future liabilities, which may end up costing a lot of money to fix. Knowing upfront can help with negotiating a better price or have peace of mind knowing that the property does not have a pest issue.

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Our Building and Pest Inspection in Melbourne Saves You Money

Many homeowners and investors may not know this, but by the time a rodent or termite infestation is apparent to most people, it has already done a few thousand dollars’ worth of damage at the very least. Termites are natural borers, which means that they can leave wooden beams and other structural parts of the home hollow and potentially dangerous. The same goes for fungal decay, which can go unnoticed for several years, consequently causing damage behind the scenes. Older properties are prone to termite infestations, and rodents are ubiquitous across Melbourne. That’s why expert timber pest inspections and early detection can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs. If you own the building, it gives you an opportunity to enforce the required pest control protocols to contain or prevent the infestation.

We investigate...

  • The interior and exterior of your apartment or home
  • The roof cavity, attic, basement, etc.
  • The sub-floor of your building
  • Beams, shafts, and other areas

Our building inspector will look for...

  • Damage caused by termites
  • An infestation like termite activity
  • Rotting timber
  • Borer damage
  • Infestation by other insects
  • Check if conditions are attractive to pests
  • Check if termite treatment on the property has worked

The Report...

  • We deliver a detailed report digitally within 24 hours or less.
  • The report is easy to understand, with the use of clear and concise language.
  • Reports are accompanied by high-resolution images, which you can zoom into and check for reported damage or infestation.
  • We comply with all the latest property and building codes.
  • Our team also lists a couple of repair and future maintenance suggestions.
  • All inspections and subsequent reports are drafted by qualified and experienced builders with over 15 years of experience, to ensures that you are happy with the service.


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Get the pests before they get you.

If you’re considering purchasing a new house in Melbourne, even if the current owners suspect they have a termite problem, unless they’ve had a professional timber pest inspection conducted themselves, this is not something they are obliged to disclose. Engaging Landmark to conduct a thorough timber pest inspection of your prospective new home will ensure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. There are very few Melbourne suburbs which are immune to termite infestations. You may think, if you own, or are considering buying, a brick home, that you don’t need to worry about termites. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Whether your Melbourne home is timber or brick, termites still have the ability to burrow into the sub-floor, then chew their way up your home’s timber frame. Using thermal imaging cameras and equipment, Landmark can conduct a thorough timber pest inspection to highlight any existing termite activity or damage caused by past infestations.

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Get A Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Before It Hurts You

If you are currently considering purchasing a home anywhere in Melbourne, even if you don’t suspect that there is a pest problem or, in particular, a termite problem, an inspection does not hurt. Unless the owner got the home inspected by a professional company a few months ago, you shouldn’t risk it. Building and pest inspection Melbourne aren’t expensive, but they are the only way to know for sure if there is a problem. Landmark Inspections will carry out a thorough building and pest inspection so that you know everything there is to know about the property before buying it.

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Should You Buy A Home In Melbourne’s Declared Termite Areas?

The council has designated areas or locations within the municipality where buildings are most likely to be under attack or be attacked by termites. The regulations mandate new buildings to have extensions and alterations with designated termite-infested areas to mitigate an attack.

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