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The Inspections We Offer

Landmark Inspections offer four types of building and property inspections Melbourne wide to ensure Victorians have peace of mind in every step of their property journey.

Landmark’s Comprehensive Range of Building and Property Inspections

Whether you are about to purchase an existing home or apartment, building a new home or property development or even simply planning some renovations to one of your existing properties, our inspection services are guaranteed to give you peace of mind at every single step of the way. Explore our inspections below to find out more about the inspection that is right for your needs, or simply contact us in any way and one of our team will find you the right inspection.


Landmark Inspections Melbourne will continue to provide services with you even after handing out the house inspections report. From your first call to the last, we will be available for advice and guidance for 12 months after your inspection if you need anything at all. Our team will continue to provide you knowledge about the building inspection Melbourne service you experienced from us.