The Most Common Defects Discovered During Home Inspections

When it comes to buying a property, a home inspection is an essential aspect of the process. You don’t want to buy a house in Melbourne, Victoria, only to discover it has significant problems later.

The most common defects discovered during a house inspection will differ depending on the real estate market in Melbourne, Victoria. A historic home may have concerns that a newer one does not. Here are some of the most common defects our Landmark Building Inspections deal with on a regular basis.

Termite Damage Repair

Getting a termite inspection before putting your house on the market is critical. If termite damage and infestation are discovered, the homeowner will be able to hire professional infestation services to repair it before it is discovered during the selling process.

Finding a termite infestation during the selling process could seriously jeopardize your chances of completing a smooth transaction. That is why it is critical to have a termite inspection before listing your home for sale. This gives the homeowner the opportunity to hire professional home infestation services to address and resolve the problem.

Despite the absence of live termites or timber pest activity, previous termite damage was discovered on a rafter above the en-suite and a top wall plate above the study sliding door. The owner, on the other hand, hired Landmark Inspections who were able to repair and reinforce the damaged timbers right away. Before and after pictures are included below.

Wood Rot and Subfloor Structure

The subfloor structures beneath the bathroom are rotting and deteriorating (fungal decay). This problem is believed to have been caused by leaking pipes, damaged waterproofing membranes, and wet subfloor conditions.

As a result of the damp conditions, the timbers weaken, and the subfloor structures fail to hold the load of the building as designed. Without repairs and maintenance, including the possible replacement of problematic timber elements, significant structural flaws, as well as a variety of minor issues, are likely to occur.

When wood rot begins to take hold in the subfloor structure, the chance of termite infestation skyrockets. Such invasion becomes easy if the timbers become non-durable due to even little wood degradation.

If any structural timber has been impacted by wood rot, the affected wooden building element must be repaired or replaced. The duration of such work is determined by the degree of the rot.

Once the rot has spread, it’s critical to replace the rotted subfloor structure as soon as possible. You should consult a structural engineer or a trained builder that specializes in subfloor restoration as soon as possible.

Roof Damage Repair

The roof sheets show traces of damage from a falling limb, according to an inspection of the external roofing. Due to the age of the materials and a lack of regular care, the roofing has developed a variety of problems, including loose sheeting, sheet lifting and sagging, and deterioration of adjacent building elements.

Water has gotten through the compromised roof sheets. This has resulted in internal roof leaks and water damage in the surrounding region.

To guarantee that no further damage occurs, all loose roof sheets should be re-fixed as quickly as possible. Replacement of parts of roof sheets or associated components may be required, depending on the amount of the damage. It is always recommended that you hire a roofing restoration contractor to do any essential repairs.

Broken Sash Cords on the Windows

Sashes are the sliding window panes that slide vertically over one another to reveal one-half of the window space. Steel weights or counterbalances are frequently used to balance the weight of the glazed panel during this operation. A cord passes across a pulley at the top of the frame to connect the sash weight. These cords will degrade with time and will need to be replaced.

Repairing or replacing sash cords is a labour-intensive task that is best left to an expert carpenter or window restorer. It is recommended that such repairs be completed in order to improve the window’s operating state.

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